of my poems

I write poems in both English and Russian, in all genres, and also special visual poems with all letters visualization

Black velvet series


In the last empty maze I left you for lust... For regular shades, the stem's thorned ladders...Only after my fall to the mired fault's meadows...My memory showed you, I'm pulled to the past!

Black velvet

The velvet sways as the milk on sky-ways. The light drew your lips to it with innocence! Oh, heaven, I prayed: “Reduce the steps, trace between he and I, between the dreams tie” It merely destroys our inner sense!


There the heat from words sticks together with aftersound, Heat from the friction of dreams smolders with morphine. There, in the darkness of all that’s underground, between coals of birches all drunk with pain...our evil is born of sin!


I’ll be wed with Lilith, I’ll writhe and entwine with her! Beneath the shades of the darkest side, I'll seek out my bed from within your night and we'll unite the sides of the moon on the bloodied skin of burnished Earth...All because it never saved your birth, my lovely bride.

Love of insane samurai

The sakura branch is a blade for the eyes’ scope, and a scabbard for sleep. The blossom of Sakura - drinking vase’s hope, enslaved to time’s chaos. pouring color for the deep, a slave of beauty, of a single blink.